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Forbidden Fruit Cartridge

(14 customer reviews)

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14 reviews for Forbidden Fruit Cartridge

  1. Eduard Madden

    Great strain. Happy, energy, sustains for good lengths of time, or at least feels like it. ha

  2. Chiara Gilbert

    I like my carts to taste as good as they make me feel….this is like vaping a floral berry cotton candy lollipop!! So soft and yummy with awesome puffy smoke clouds and great high….Dime Industries is my new favorite carts….every cart I’ve tried is legit fire!

  3. Aqib Salas

    Hands down the best NIGHT CAP a gram you can ever have! I love these carts and always helps me to go to sleep!

  4. Aarush Olsen

    Bought one for 45$ taste is good a mix between grape and cherry. effects are good. clean and get the job done.

  5. Stefania Morrison

    Anything from 4MM’s smacks but this vape in particular is my fav. Very relaxing j after 1 or 2 deep breaths. If u have issues with anxiety or sleep, This is great for rest n relaxation 🙂

  6. Kenzo Pemberton

    First off love the taste on this one. Very calming and helpful when winding down for the day. I’ll use it throughout the day to elevate my mood, but it really shines when I’m looking to relax.

  7. Liana Daniels

    Forbidden Fruit is the perfect strain to help unwind after a long day! Enjoy 🙂 – The Secret Nature Team

  8. Hadley Levy

    Easily the best cartridge hardware wise I have ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot. At $45 a gram this is definitely my new go to brand regardless of strain. Incredible cart with incredible packaging and incredible oil. Better than Kurvana ASCND which is $20 more. I’m not finding any other cartridge that comes close to competing with Dime right now, even if you pay more. Update: oil lasts forever In these things. I go through a gram in 2 days all the time but this ones stretched into another day with major usage.

  9. Zac Moses

    The vape helps me most in the morning to remain calm after I wake up with anxiety and often times helps me go back to sleep. However, I wouldn’t say it’s strength isn’t super potent, like the pre rolls. This is a more subtle calmness.

  10. Rahim Abbott

    Forbidden fruit has such a gassy fruity taste. I absolutely love the sedative feeling it gives me after a terrible day. It literally forces me to calm down and just take a nice breather. Enjoying the aftertaste of it after I exhale back out. Such a spectacular CBD cartridge with real cannabis terpenes.

  11. Dulcie Lees

    Best carts on the market hands down. The forbidden fruit is sweet but not overpowering.

  12. Veronica Preston

    I was taking a chance and I’m glad I did. All I smoke are the disposables due to other people in my house always take my fully charged batteries and never putting them back or charging them so I stumbled across these and I’ve never smoked such clear clean and tasteful vapes ever. Jack fruit has the perfect hint of sweetness and it goes down smooth. The watermelon and strawberry cough just as amazing. I’ve found my new fav go to on my way to try the others now,

  13. Beverley Patterson

    Great fruity aroma and nice sweet profile while still having a piney back. I love the calming feeling I get from this it’s my favorite cartridge to use before I go to sleep or even when I’m stressed to help me relax! ????

  14. Kameron Dickens

    Feelings like none other fruit, provides calm vibes and restful sleep at end of the day. Also bring relief to any pressure and aches of the body. highly recommend.

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