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Auto Flowering Seed

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Auto flowering marijuana Originally, in the wild, Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica are photoperiod plants. Put simply, this means that these plants can sense the days grow shorter as the seasons change and begin their flowering phases accordingly. When grown indoors, growers have to use their lighting systems to mimic the changing of seasons, causing their plants to flower at the appropriate time. However, that changed in the late 1990s when a cannabis breeder known as the Joint Doctor bred the first strain of autoflowering cannabis.

Autoflowering cannabis does exactly what the name suggests – it flowers automatically when it reaches maturity, regardless of the influence of natural or artificial lighting changes. This is great for growers because it makes the whole growing process much, much simpler, as well as faster.

Where do Autoflowering Strains Come From?

I mentioned that the Joint Doctor was the first person to create an autoflowering cannabis strain, but how did he do it? Well, we don’t know all of the specifics for sure, but we do know that that auto-flowering trait itself came from a strain of Cannabis ruderalis. C. ruderalis is a strain of cannabis that is native to Central and Eastern Europe. Due to living in colder, less hospitable climates than C. indica and C. sativa, ruderalis evolved to be auto-flowering so that the plant would have the opportunity to reproduce before adverse weather conditions killed it. Ruderalis grows plentifully in ditches and elsewhere in its native environment – it is a weed, after all – but unfortunately, it doesn’t contain nearly as much THC as other varieties of cannabis.


The reason autoflowering strains exist at all is down to the genetics inside them. The Auto gene comes from the “Ruderalis” variety, a naturally occurring sub species of cannabis that grows wild in norther latitudes when summers are very short and sunlight is limited. By crossing the ruderalis gene with traditional types of marijuana you get the best of both worlds, size, strength and speed. Because all autoflowering strains have been crossed with a normal marijuana variety the traits associated with them breed true. This means that Indica, sativa and hybrid characteristics are all achievable when growing autos.

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  • ak 47 autoflower

    THC level 15%
    CBD level 1.5%
    Variety 35% Indica / 40% Sativa / 20% ruderalis
    Genetics Thai Skunk x Mexican x Afghani x ruderalis
    Max yield indoor 425 to 475 grams/m2
    Max yield outdoor 550 to 675 grams/m2
    Height indoor 60 to 80 cm
    Height outdoor 100 to 150 cm
    Flowering time 60 to 70 days
    Fungal Resistance High
    Growersprofile Beginner
    Cultivation Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
    Climate Temperate, Mountains, Polar
    Flavors Pungent, Herbal, Sweet
    Effects Energetic, Happy, Relaxed, Talkative
    SOG suitable yes
    SCROG suitable yes
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