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Ambrosia Kush Strain





THC 22%
YIELD 3 to 5 oz/ft
CLIMATE Dry mouth, Dry eyes, Dizzy, Anxious 
EFFECTS Sleepy, Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted, Relaxed.
Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Insomnia.
BEST FOR Night time use


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Ambrosia Weed Strain | Ambrosia kush strain is a dank bud that gets its name from Greek Mythology, where Ambrosia was the food of the gods on Mount Olympus.

With a sweet lavender aroma and a laidback high, it’s difficult not to love Ambrosia strain. Great for a solo sesh, this flower is a thoughtful daytime bud.

Curious about cannabis aromatherapy? The Ambrosia marijuana strain smells as relaxing as it hits. A thoughtful hybrid, this plant is known to enhance focus and allows for mellow introspection. Safe to use almost any time of day, this high THC flower is recommended for those with intermediate cannabis experience.

Ambrosia Experience

Named after “the food of the Gods”, this marijuana strain features a scrumptious floral aroma and a balanced hybrid high. Creative and focused, this plant is safe to consume during the day.

Those hoping to boost their productivity with a little THC are in luck. This strain offers a clear-headed mental experience that allows for calm concentration.

Fairly fast-acting, this flower affects the mind first. Between its lavender scent and uplifting mental high, this plant soothes away stress and tension in no time.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Ambrosia Oil Pens may be available from select brands, depending on the region.
  • Ambrosia shatter, Ambrosia wax, and other Ambrosia concentrates may be available from a number of retailers.

Growing Ambrosia Strain

While Ambrosia Strain isn’t one of the easiest hybrids to cultivate, growers, especially those who are new to marijuana cultivation can do so both indoors and outdoors. For successful cultivation of Ambrosia, it is important to ensure that your growing pot plants are well protected from molds, pests and diseases. Most importantly, you should regularly prune the stems and branches to promote lateral growth and fast bud development.

When growing Ambrosia Strain indoors, growers are advised to allocate ample growing space as the strain may grow really tall. Additionally, make sure your plants receive sufficient airflow, light, and other nutrients.

Flowering time is about 8-9 weeks. The hybrid can yield up to 18 ounces of high quality flower per meter square.

Ambrosia Kush Key Facts

  •         Genetics: Ambrosia weed is a hybrid cross of Burmese and God Bud Cannabis strains.
  •         The High: This Marijuana strain gives you a motivating, energizing, and relaxing high.
  •         Hybrid Ratio: 50% Indica, 50% Sativa
  •         THC Level: 13%-22%
  •         Grow Information: Ambrosia Cannabis strain Grows in indoor and outdoor environments. The crop flowers after 7-8 weeks and yields 4-8 Oz per plant in an indoor environment. This strain responds well to the Sea of Green cultivation method.

Ambrosia Marijuana Strain Description

It has dense, medium-sized, spade-shaped, bright green buds with orange shades. The buds harbour medium-sized green leaves and small nuggets covered by numerous orange pistils and a thick layer of shiny resinous trichomes making the buds hard to break by hand. The strain emits a sweet skunk and tropical fruit perfume, and when smoked, you will feel a pineapple flavour on an inhalation with a pine hint on exhalation that remains on your palate for hours.

Ambrosia Weed Flower Effects

When you take this strain, its effects will hit you hard and rock you for a long time. The high begins with a cerebral thrill that smokers report as an uplifting, motivating, euphoric, and a creative sensation preceded by a tingling and blood rush sensation on the head and a pressure on the temples.  A body stone then creeps on you, making you entirely relaxed and pain-free yet lively and mildly hungry. The strain is ideal for daytime consumption.

Ambrosia Cannabis Grow Information

It grows in both indoor and outdoor settings. It is fast-growing and responds well to the Sea of Green method. Trimming off of the lower branches enables the plant to build the remaining few buds densely. Ambrosia Kush thrives in a warm climate and grows up to 4-5 feet. The crop flowers after 7-8 weeks in an indoor environment and by early September outdoors. The average yield of this strain is 4-8 Oz per plant indoors and 8-12 Oz per plant out. The yellowing of Ambrosia’s leaves is an indicator of maturity and readiness for harvest.

Ambrosia Marijuana Strain Medical Uses

This weed strain is not only essential for recreational purposes but also has therapeutic uses. The potent mood elevator treats depression, PTSD anxiety, and mood disorders. The body-relaxing effect of Ambrosia alleviates back pains, migraines, and muscle pains. This Marijuana relieves appetite loss by triggering hunger, thus suitable for patients undergoing chemotherapy. The focus that a smoker gets after consuming Ambrosia alleviates the symptoms of ADHD.

Effects of Ambrosia Kush Strain 

Ambrosia Strain packs a whole range of medical benefits. It makes for a great strain for mood disorders and negative thoughts thanks to its happy high. Its deeply relaxing effects can treat inflammation, depression, and stress.

Weed enthusiasts who are looking to try out something new should definitely give Ambrosia a shot. The strain delivers a full-body ‘body melt’ that leaves you well-relaxed, sedated, and sleepy. For this reason, the Ambrosia weed strain is perfect for people who struggle with insomnia. ambrosia weed strain

Ambrosia Strain is also a great natural pain reliever. Medical experts recommend it to people who struggle with chronic pain, headaches, migraines, arthritis, and back and joint pains.

Other medical uses of Ambrosia include restoring lost appetite, fighting muscle tension, and treating nausea. It can also ease the negative side effects associated with chemotherapy and radiation.

Apart from the frequently experienced mouth and eye dryness caused by inadequate water intake, it can also cause paranoia and anxiety if consumed in excess. Headache and dizziness can occur if you are new to this Weed. Ensure you take enough hydrating drinks and take a tolerable quantity of Ambrosia.


It is among the best scented and flavoured strains ever made. The sweetness of this Weed makes it an ideal god’s food. The balanced hybrid gives you potent but sensible effects and enables you to function optimally. Conquer your health distresses with the help of this powerful weapon. Cultivate this growing strain and get a reliable and cheap supply of Weed. Consume this cannabis moderately to avoid the adverse effects.ambrosia weed strain


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